Mind Matters: Mapping the Human Mind through Neuroscience is organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience in collaboration with nationally renowned neuroscientists and local bay area artists. Founded in 1969, The Society for Neuroscience is an international non-profit organization consisting of 130 worldwide chapters. It is the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system.

Mind Matters is an interactive, visual and educational art exhibit.  It promotes public information and general education about the nature of neuro-scientific discoveries – the internal mechanisms of the mind.

As an interdisciplinary exhibit at the intersection of arts, technology and science, it is designed to stimulate intense interactions between art and science, allowing each to follow its own route, from start to finish, in a rich and full-fledged manner, both artistically and scientifically.

It comes to life as a fruit of the collaboration of small groups of artists and scientists—in many  cases  just duos or trios—working together.

It is deliberately set up to be a laboratory of the imagination, where freeplay can happen. The science and the place are springboards of the imagination for the artists.This exhibit is founded to honor the creative process, and to keep science and the arts in an equal balance of wonder – and apart too.

Mind Matters is supported by the Director, Tamira Elul, of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, and produced by Esther Mallouh.